Documentaries: The Most Influential Movies of All Time

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What is the most influential movie of all time? Answering this question with a single film title could be a continual debate. We could, however, settle in on a genre that has created more change and influenced lives like no other; Documentary Films.

By definition, a documentary is a movie or television or radio program that provides a factual record or report. I’ll admit that sounds a little boring, but the genre is responsible for sparking national uprisings and worldwide movements, and no other form of filmmaking has been as effective in causing people to open up their hearts (and their wallets) in supporting a cause.


Now let’s bring this back to you and how it can impact your business. There are at least 2 points I like to make when people question me about the impact of filmmaking in building and growing businesses:

1. As I mentioned, documentaries are presented and taken as fact. Therefore, stories and messages instantly lend more credibility and are trusted. So since people will only work with and invest in people they trust, a documentary film, whether short or long, becomes one of the most effective vehicles in order to firmly establish credibility with a new audience.

2. No other project can generate buzz around you and your business than the releasing of a new documentary film. I’ve seen it time and time again. Doors of opportunity open, relationships are created, and businesses truly gain momentum when orchestrating the production and releasing of a new film. As it becomes more commonplace to become a published author, establishing yourself as a film producer can really launch your career to new heights.

So with the New Year upon us and you’re contemplating ways to infuse life and energy into your business, consider kicking off the year by declaring that you’re now a film producer and ready to deliver your message on the big screen. More thoughts on that to come…


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