Interview With Producer Evan Money

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Interview with Evan Money

Last week I caught up with Evan Money, producer the ground breaking film “Words of Art.” I had the privilege of Directing this film along side him. It’s the first personal development film to be picked up by a major, Dish Network, which debuts December 2nd. It is also available on iTunes and Amazon. Here’s what Evan and I chatted about:

Jeff Roldan: First of all, congratulations on your success with Words of Art; it’s a very impactful movie and you must be proud. Can you share with us your original inspiration for the film and why you wanted to produce it?

Evan Money: I’m extremely pleased with how the project turned out and I know it was because of Gods grace and a lot of hard work. You mentioned the word impactful and that really hits the nail on the head, I remember screening it in Dallas and I sat behind Zig Ziglar’s wife Jean and son Tom. Afterwards when Tom spoke he said to the crowd, ” If dad were alive he would have said, ‘you done good’. ” Zig along with Jim Rohn were the main inspiration for the film, I wanted to catch the icons of personal growth before they all died. What drove me to Take Action was when I watched a much hyped documentary from a person I was a huge fan of. Sadly the documentary left much to be desired in my opinion and I remember thinking in a non egotistical way, if this guy can do a documentary so can I.

J: So having said that, how has the producing Words of Art changed your business?

E: Saying it has given me massive credibility would be a understatement. My company has very diverse holdings such as extreme sports, energy, oil and a personal growth division. All across the board the documentary has given me a giant edge. My customers want to hear about the project even if they have never heard of the people in the film. Everyone loves to talk about movies and very, very few people actually take action and make one or are in one. The main reaction I get is ” Wow you really made a movie, I’m so impressed.” It separates me, my brand and my company from the competition like the Grand Canyon, it’s really amazing.

J: That’s incredible to hear. And now with the world wide release of Words of Art, what are your plans in moving forward with the film?

E: Making a great film is one thing, and that’s extremely difficult to do, but I knew had to embark on the monumental task of marketing the film. I really just wanted to sit back and admire the masterpiece that the team at Creative Realm helped me create, but I knew other people would want to enjoy it as well. So I’m now doing everything I can to help spread the word and the movies message of the true power of our words. The film released Dec 2 on DISH network and it’s the first time a major has picked up a personal growth film, it’s also on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and other platforms. So I would encourage you to Take Action and grab your copy of the film today.

J: Fantastic. It’s being said that having your own film is the best business card out there, even better than being a published author with a book, would you agree with that?

E: 100% ! Books are common place, everyone has a book out and 90% of the people that buy a non fiction book never get past the first chapter! So 90% of peoples audience never hear the message. However we all will sit down and watch a movie.

Next, just think about the last time you met someone who has made a movie or is in a movie, we all get caught up in the hollywood effect, it’s very powerful. The key is to use that power yourself.

J: Is creating a documentary something that you would recommend to business owners and entrepreneurs as a powerful form of exposure and creating your celebrity?

E: Absolutely!

J: Now that you’ve produced this film, are you looking to produce more movies in the near future?

E: We already have, Take Action Productions has just finished our second feature documentary Miracles in Action. We have two other films in the early stages of development and we are looking for more. Many entrepreneurs/ business owners think people wouldn’t be interested in their stories but they are so wrong. Just look at the giant reality TV show hits, people fall in love with real people, they crave it. There will always be big Hollywood blockbusters but more and more people are flocking to documentaries because they want a real story.

J: We are all looking forward to seeing the impact that your films continue to have on the lives of people across the world. Thank you so much for taking the time to sit and chat. I wish you all the best.

E: Thank you so much, working with Creative Realm has been a great decision for my business and personally as well.

Don’t miss Words of Art premiering on Dish Network, iTunes, and Amazon on December 2nd.



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