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Words of Art

This month’s Project Spotlight focuses on our latest film release, Words of Art, brought to you by Evan Money and Creative Realm Entertainment. The film is the first personal development film to ever be picked up by a major, Dish Network. We are proud to present this film to it’s viewers.


Bestselling author and global entrepreneur Evan Money traveled the United States for over a year interviewing the greatest thought leaders, speakers, authors and artists of our time. His goal was to discover the true impact of the spoken word; what he discovered was truly groundbreaking. Imagine sitting with Joel Osteen and learning the most impacting words ever spoken to him. Imagine sitting with scholars and analyzing the true force of Martian Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech. Words of Art is an individual journey for each viewer.

Tremendously content rich, this movie has something for every age and every demographic from the icons of personal growth: Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn and Denis Waitley, to the top thought leaders of today: Joel Osteen, Mark Batterson, and Success magazine’s publisher, Darren Hardy. Included in the mix are up-and-coming spoken word and rap artists, reality TV star/teen speaker, Josh Shipp, and then a break for comedy with Tim Conway, Jr. The more times you watch this film, the more you will discover and grow personally.

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