What is a Speaker Reel?

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If you are new to the business of speaking, then you have probably heard of a speaker reel. If you have been in the business a while you may have a reel, but is it getting you the gigs you want? There is a lot of confusion surrounding Speaker Reels, Speaker Intros and the effective use of each when working to get progressive roles as a speaker.

A Speker Reel is what you use to tell the world who you are. As a pro, you will use the reel as a ‘business card’ and send it to the bureaus, event planners and meeting planners as a way to introduce who you are and present a video resume of your capabilities and proof of your ability to speak. Where experienced speakers go wrong is that they do not use someone familiar with the elements that seasoned bureaus and planners look for in a reel. That means they don’t get the gigs.

Scrimping when creating your Speaker Reel will save you a couple of thousand dollars, maybe even a little more if your next door neighbors kid can shoot and edit, but you will lose hundreds of thousands of dollars along the way. A professional speaker reel will earn far more than your investment and will open doors to places you never dreamed.


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